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Examination for Kids E-book

6.You shall not commit adultery.

Do I treat my body and other people's bodies with respect?
Do I look at television shows, movies, or pictures that are bad?
Do I speak nicely to others?

7.You shall not steal.

Have I taken things that were not mine from a store or another person?
Have I ruined another person's property for fun?
Do I return things that I borrow? In good condition?

8.You shall not lie.

Am I honest in my school work?
Do I cheat or copy other people's work
Do I tell lies to make myself look good?
Do I tell lies to protect myself from punishment?
Do I tell lies that make another person look bad or get them in

9.You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.

Do I allow my parents to spend time with one another, or do I
   get jealous and want them to pay attention only to me?
Do I get mad when I have to share my friends?
Are there kids I will not play with or be mean to because they
   look different?

10. You shall not covet your neighbor's goods.

Am I jealous or envious of the things my friends have?
Am I jealous because my friends can play sports better than
   I can?
Am I thankful to God and my parents for what they have given
Do I share the things I have with my family, friends and poor
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Tips for Kids
    Things to remember when visiting God's house:
   * The Church is a sacred place. Always show respect for God and the church.
   * Always genuflect to the Tabernacle.  Jesus is present
   * Do not talk during Holy Mass.
   * Do not bring games or toys to Church.
   * Try to go to the restroom before Church. If you must go, leave by
      the back door and be as quiet as possible.
   * Do not stand on the seats or put your feet on the back of the pew in front of you.
   * Take your bulletin and other papers with you when you leave..
   * Always walk in the Church.
   * Do not eat food or candy, chew gum or take anything to drink into the Church.
   * Take good care of church property and buildings.
   * Be kind to other people.
   * Be a good listener.