What Jesus Taught Us

Five Wise Woman and
Five Foolish Women

Jesus told us that He was going to return.

"No one knows the date and time but the Father alone." (Matthew 24:36)

Then He told this story,
Jesus said:

There were ten young women.

They took their lamps to wait for the bridegroom. 

They all were to invited to enjoy the wedding feast.

Not knowing when the bridegroom would come, five of the young ladies took extra oil in containers so that their lamps would not go out.

They were wise.

The other five took only the oil that already was in their lamps.

They were foolish.

The bridegroom was late.

The ten young ladies fell asleep while they were waiting.

 At midnight a messenger rode up and called out, "Look! The bridegroom is coming, go out to meet him!"

All of the young ladies woke up.

They began to trim the wicks in their lanterns.

The five foolish young ladies cried out, "Look! We are running out of oil. Please give us some of your oil so that our lights will not go out."

The five wise young ladies answered, "No. We are sorry, but we don't have enough oil for your lamps and ours, too.  Perhaps you could go buy some more."

The five foolish young ladies ran back into the village to buy oil for their lamps.

They wanted to enjoy the wedding feast with the others.

Then bridegroom came.

The five wise young ladies joined him and went to the wedding feast.

After they had gone inside, the door was locked.

After a while, the five foolish young ladies came.

They pounded on the door, calling, "Please, open the door for us!"

The bridegroom answered, "No one can enter because the door is closed and locked."

The five foolish young ladies were sorry.

They weren't ready.

It was too late.

They went away crying.

That was a wonderful story, wasn't it?
Jesus told us the five wise women were ready.
Jesus told us that the five foolish women were not ready.
Will you be ready when Jesus comes again?
What will you have to do to be ready?
What do you think?

Write  and tell me BUT ask your parents first

Let's Pray:
Thank you, Jesus for teaching us.
Thank you, Jesus for showing us the way.
Please help me to be ready for your return.
I love you, Jesus.

Write to me, please.

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Thank you and God Bless

This story can be found in:
Matthew 25: 1-13

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