What Jesus Taught Us

The Wedding

A king planned a celebration for his sons wedding.

He invited all the important people in his kingdom.

When the day came for the celebration,
he sent his servants to get the important people.

When the servants came back there were no guests with them.
"Where are the guests?" asked the king

The servants answered, " One of them bought some new land and he must go see it.
The other said that he bought some new animals and had to inspect them.
And still another said he has a new bride and therefore can't come.

"Enough!" said the king.

He was very angry.

"Go into the city and invite everyone," commanded the king.
"My house will be full for my son's wedding but not one of those I had already invited may taste one crumb of this food."

That was a wonderful story, wasn't it?
What do you feel about the king?
Do you feel the guests did right?
What do you think?

Write and tell me BUT ask your parents first

Let's Pray:
Thank you, Jesus for teaching us.
Thank you, Jesus for showing us the way.
I love you, Jesus.

Write to me, please.

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Thank you and God Bless

This Story can be found in:
Matthew 22:1-10,

All of these wonderful illustrations by Toni Groffe
All text and page arrangements by Ainglkiss@aol.com

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