What Jesus Taught us

The Lost Sheep

A man had a 100 sheep.

He loved those sheep so much.

Everyday he would take them to the pasture so they could eat.

Everyday he took them to the water so they could drink.

Every night he counted them to be sure they were all safe.

One night, he only counted 99.

One of his sheep was lost!

The man was so upset.

He went to find the lost sheep.

He searched and searched.

Finally he found the lost sheep.

He wanted to celebrate.

He was so happy.

Jesus said, "That is how My Father feels.  He does not want any of His little ones to wander away."

That was a wonderful story, wasn't it?
What do you think?
Will you ever wander away?
Would God be sad if we wandered?

Write  to me BUT ask your parents first

Let's Pray:
Thank you, Jesus for teaching us.
Thank you, Jesus for showing us the way.
I don't want to wonder away.
I love you, Jesus.

Write to me, please.

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Thank you and God Bless

You can find this story in:
Matthew 18:10-14,
Luke 15:1-7

All of these wonderful illustrations by Toni Groffe
All text and page arrangements by Ainglkiss@aol.com

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