What Jesus Taught Us

The Good Samaritan

Jesus was preaching.

A man stood up and was trying to put Jesus to a test.

He said to Jesus, "It is written that you shall love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind; and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Jesus said, " Yes, you are right."

The man, trying to justify himself asked, "Who is my neighbor?"

Jesus said, "There was a man on a trip from Jerusalem to Jericho.

Some robbers jumped him.

They stole everything he had and beat him up and left him beside the road to die.

A priest came by and saw him and walked on the other side of the road and looked the other way.

Here comes a Levite.

He saw the dying man and quickly crossed the road and looked the other way.

A Samaritan comes by.

He saw the dying man and stopped to help him.

He dressed him and tended to his wounds.

He stayed with him until the man was strong enough to ride the donkey into town.

When they were in town, the Samaritan took him to an inn.

He said to the innkeeper, "Take good care of him with this money and if you need any more I will give it to you on my way back."

Jesus asked the man, "Now who do you think was the neighbor to the man that was robbed?"

The man answered, "The one that helped him, I guess"

"Go and do the same", said Jesus

That was a wonderful story, wasn't it?
Would you have helped the poor man?
Do you want to help your neighbor?
What do you think?

Write and tell me BUT ask your parents first

Let's Pray:
Thank you, Jesus for teaching us.
Thank you, Jesus for showing us the way.
Help me to always help my neighbor.
Help me to always do right.
I love you, Jesus.

Write to me, please.

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Thank you and God Bless

This story can be found in:
Luke 10:25-37

All of these wonderful illustrations by Toni Groffe
All text and page arrangements by Ainglkiss@aol.com

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