Jesus Stories

What Jesus Teaches Us


Here you will read about the stories that Jesus told us.  He told stories to us to teach us and help learn what He was saying.  He taught us by example.  Jesus spoke to us in parables.  A parable is a story.  The apostles asked Him why He spoke in parables and Jesus said,"I speak the Word of God.  There are those that don't want to know it. It is for them that I speak in parables." (Luke 8: 9-11)
Here are a few of the stories that Jesus told us.  Just click on the one that you want to read.  If there is a story that you would like to read and it isn't here, please just ask me.

The Two Commandments The Wedding
The Workers in the Vineyard The Two Builders
The Farmer The Samaritan
The Lost Sheep The Pharisee and TheTax Collector
The Two Sons The Talents
Five Wise Woman and Five
Foolish Women
Keep Praying
The Persistant Widow Rich Man and Lazarus

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