Jesus Forgives
Shelly didn't want to go to her religion class today. It was a beautiful day and she wanted to play outside. Her mom made her go.

Mrs. Allen was her teacher. She was ok but it was nothing like playing outside.
She got to class and Mrs. Allen greeted her as she always did. Shelly smiled at her but she wanted to be home.

Mrs. Allen started the class with a prayer. Shelly knew that because she always did but Shelly didn't know what the prayer was. She wasn't listening. Shelly was looking out the window.

All the children sat down and Mrs. Allen started talking. Shelly was thinking how wonderful it would be to run in the wind. She was a pretty fast runner. She could run nearly as fast as Mike. Mike was her older brother. Mike was 10. She remembered when she beat Mike running to the corner. She was the one that said Ready... Set... Go! She ran as fast as she could and ... then she heard Mrs. Allen say the word "Forgiveness." Oh my! Did she know that Shelly wasn't paying attention?
Was she in trouble?

Shelly brought herself back to the classroom. Most of the children had their hands raised. Shelly didn't because she didn't know what the question was.
"Jason," Mrs. Allen said, "do you know?"
"Jesus," replied Jason.
"Yes, you are right," said Mrs. Allen.
"I wonder what the question was?" Shelly asked herself.
"How do we know?" asked Melissa
"How do we know what?" thought Shelly.
"That is a very good question," said Mrs. Allen
"What's a good question?" thought Shelly
"Because the Bible says so," Mrs. Allen answered
"The bible says what?" Shelly wondered. But this time she said it out loud. She didn't mean to.

"Very good, Shelly. Let's find out," said Mrs. Allen.
She opened the Bible. "It says right here ... 'even though you have many sins and they are very bad, they can be made white as snow'" (Is1:18).
"How does that happen?" asked Billy
"By telling God how sorry we are and asking Him to forgive us" Mrs. Allen said. "God loves us very much. After we have asked for His forgiveness and we are sorry, He doesn't even remember the bad things we did."
Mrs. Allen went on to say, "Isn't that wonderful? To be made "white as snow." Only God can do that."
"What will God do if we aren't sorry?" asked Shelly.
"Its up to God to decide what to do. We cant say what God will do," answered Mrs. Allen. "Remember this always, there is nothing impossible for God. No matter what you have done, do not be afraid to tell God how sorry you are. God knows everything and He sees everything. He always answers our prayers. He loves us very much."
Shelly closed her eyes and silently prayed,  "God, please forgive me for not paying attention today. I'm sorry and I will try to never do that again."
Shelly was so happy. She knew God heard her prayer and forgave her and that made her white as snow.

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