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The Acts of the Apostles


Paul was a prisoner.

He was headed to Rome.

There was no way to get there except by boat.

There was no ship that sailed directly to Rome.

They had to keep changing ships along the way.

All the prisoners on board the ship, including Paul, were being watched by a guard named Julius.

The day after they set sail, Julius was kind enough to let Paul visit some friends at Sidon.

They switched ships there and set out to sea.

The seas were rough.

The winds were against them.

They made it to another town where they switched ships again.

They again set out to sea.

Tossing and turning.

Fierce winds blowing against them.

Waves getting higher and higher.

Many days later, they reached a place called Fair Haven.

Paul said to Julius, "I can see we are headed for trouble if we continue on our trip.  The ship will be damaged and we may be hurt too."

Julius ignored him.

He didn't listen to a word he said.

They sailed right past Fair Haven.

They sailed into danger.

There came a hurricane!

High winds howled.
Huge waves tossed the boat.

Waves crashed against the ship.

Everyone was terrified!

They were going to die!

The storm pounded the ship so badly, on the second day they threw some cargo overboard.

It didn't help.

On the third day, they threw the ships tackle overboard.
That didn't help.

The storm was mighty.

They couldn't see the sun.

They couldn't see the stars.

All hope of living was lost.

These men were going to die.

The men wouldn't eat.

They were too scared.

Paul said to them, "I wish you would have taken my advice and stopped when I said. All of this could have been avoided.  Now I urge you to keep your courage.  Not one of you will be lost, only the ship.  Last night an angel came to me and told me so.  Trust God!"

At midnight on the fourteenth day of that awful storm, they were close to land!

The land was surrounded with rocks and huge boulders.

The Captain couldn't steer the ship any closer because it would hit one of the rocks and would certainly be smashed to pieces.

He decided to wait until daylight.

Some of the men wanted to jump out of the ship and try to swim to shore.

 Paul persuaded them to stay with the ship.

Paul gave them something to eat while they were waiting for daylight.

The next day, after they had eaten, they threw the rest of the food overboard.

Then they discovered a creek with no rocks which led them closer to land.

The captain steered the mangled ship as close as possible to land.

It hit a sandbar.

The ship was stuck.

The back end of the ship began breaking apart.

Those that could, swam to shore.

Those that couldn't swim used wood from the damaged ship to float to land.

The men were all safe!

No one died.

God kept his promise.

What do you think?

Would you have been scared?

Would you trust God?

Do you think they should have listened to Paul?

Did you think God would keep His word?

Write and tell me what you think , BUT, ask your parents first.

Let's Pray:
Dear God,
Thank you for always being with me.
Thank you for caring for me.
Help me to never be a bully or insist on getting my own way.
Help me to always and understand what others are saying
This I ask through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Can you think of a better prayer?

This story can be found in
Acts 27:1-44

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