God's Book
The New Testament

The Bible is divided into 2 parts.
The Old Testament and the New Testament.
The word testament means promise.
It's a promise from God to us.

The New Testament is when Jesus was with us on earth.
Like the Old Testament, its divided into parts called "books"
Then the books are divided into "chapters".
Then the chapters are divided into "verses".
These are the different books in the New Testament and their abbreviations:

Mt           Matthew  1 Tim      1 Timothy
Mk          Mark 2 Tim      2 Timothy
Lk            Luke Tit               Titus
Jn             John Philem         Philemon
    Acts of the Apostles
Heb             Hebrews
Rom           Romans Jas               James
1 Cor     1Corinthians  1 Pet           1 Peter
2 Cor     2Corinthians 2 Pet           2 Peter
Gal            Galatians 1Jn             1 John
Eph           Ephesians 2 Jn            2 John
Phil            Philippians 3 Jn            3 John
Col           Colossians  Jude           Jude
1 Thess 
Rev           Revelation
2 Thess 
    2 Thessalonians

Below is a description of the different books of the New Testament.

The full name of this book is "The Gospel According to Matthew. The word "Gospel" means "good news," and "Matthew" is the name of one of Jesus' disciples; so the "Gospel According to Matthew" means the good news as told by Matthew.

In the Book of Matthew, we find a wonderful sermon which was preached by Jesus. It is called "The Sermon on the Mount", chapter 5 of the Book of Matthew
And The Beatitudes, verses 3 to 10 of chapter 5.  It tells us exactly how to be happy.

This is the second book of the New Testament. Its full name is, "The Gospel According to Mark." Mark was also a disciple of Jesus, and the book which he wrote is another story of the wonderful works of Jesus. The "Gospel According to Mark" means the good news as told by Mark.

Mark 10,13-16 is a special story.  Children were brought to Jesus and the apostles were afraid it might bother Jesus so they told them to go away.  Jesus said:

"Let the little children come unto me."

Jesus asked all of us, especially the grown ups, to come to Him as children.  A wonderful story.

This, the third book of the New Testament, is another story of the things which were said and done by Jesus. The full name of this book is "The Gospel According to Luke."

In chapter 12, Luke tells us that Jesus said to his apostles that even the hairs of their heads were numbered by God. Jesus said that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing about it.  That shows us that God loves us.

 The book John wrote about Jesus is called "The Gospel According to John." John wrote his book after the other three had been written, so he tells about many things which Jesus did and said that are not written down in any of the other Gospels.

The Book of Acts was written by Luke. The full name of the book is "The Acts of the Apostles." It is a story of what the apostles did and said after Jesus returned to heaven, remember the Ascension? In Acts, Luke told us that the Holy Spirit came to the Apostles "like a mighty wind."

The full name of this book of the Bible is "The Letter of Paul to the Romans".  Paul wrote this letter to the followers of Jesus that lived in Rome.
 Paul wrote many letters, and most of them were carried by his 4 friends, who walked from one city to another to deliver them.

Paul wrote two letters to the disciples of Jesus who lived in Corinth, Greece. They are called his first and second Letters of Paul to the Corinthians.
In 1 CORINTHIANS, he wrote to the brand new Christians about how to behave in church.  At the end of the letter, he wrote all about the resurrection of Jesus
In 2 CORINTHIANS, he wrote defending his ministry.  In the last chapter, chapter 13, he writes, "...agree with one another, live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you."

This book is another letter written by the Paul. It was written to the disciples of Jesus who lived in Galatia. In Galatia, there were several groups of disciples, and Paul sent this letter to all of them.
Galatians is a book about the Grace of God.  In those days, the Jews were so caught up in ritual and regulations, that means laws, and Paul was telling them that isn't what is important.  The gifts of the Spirit and faith are what is important.

This book of the Bible is a letter which Paul wrote to the disciples of Jesus who lived in the city of Ephesus.

People worshipped false gods in Ephesus.  In this letter, Paul was explaining to the Ephesians about the Church and to be united with Jesus.

Paul wrote many letters, and this book of the Bible is another one of them. It was sent to the disciples of Jesus who lived in Philippi, which was a city in Macedonia.
Paul was in prison when he wrote this letter.  Although he could have been killed, in this letter he praised God and told the Filipinos to love God as well as each other.

Another of Paul's letters. It was sent to the disciples who lived in Colosse, which was a city in Asia Minor. In this letter, he talked about Jesus being our savior.  That is the most important thing and everything else comes second.

The disciples of Jesus who were known as Thessalonians lived in a city called Thessalonica. Thessalonica was in Macedonia. There are two books of the New Testament called Thessalonians, and both of them are letters which were written by the Paul.
In these letters, Paul tells the new Christians of faith, love and hope.

TIMOTHY 1 and 2
The first and second Books of Timothy are letters written by Paul to Timothy.  Paul loved this young man very dearly, and called him his son.
In the first letter, Paul reminded Timothy what to teach.  To always teach the truth and how he should act to others

Paul's second letter to Timothy was written while the Paul was a prisoner in Rome, and only a little while before he died. In this letter, he tells about his trial before the emperor of Rome, Nero. He says that Luke was with him and the Lord helped him

The Book of Titus is another letter written by the Paul.  Titus traveled and worked with Paul for a long time.  In this letter, Paul explains how to do the Lord's work.

The Book of Philemon is a letter written by Paul to Philemon. Philemon lived in Colosse, and the other Christians of this city met in his home to hold their meetings. Philemon was a business man, and had many slaves.  The name of one of his slaves was Onesimus. The slave ran away from Philemon which was a very bad thing to do.

Onesimus went to Rome and visited with Paul.  Paul told Onesimus all about Jesus.  Onesimus became a Christian.

Onesimus knew that he must return to Philemon because running away was a bad thing.  It was very hard for Onesimus to do but Paul helped him by writing a letter to Philemon.  Paul told Philemon that Onesimus had become a Christian and was now returning to him. He asked Philemon to be kind to Onesimus.

This is another letter written by Paul. Paul was a very wise man, and he knew there were some things that the Hebrews needed to learn, so that's why he wrote this letter to them.

The full name of this book is "The Letter of James," which means the letter which James wrote to all the disciples of Jesus.  James was one of Jesus' disciples who followed him before he was crucified. He lived in Jerusalem, and it was there that he wrote this letter. In it he writes many good things and tells us that prayer really works.

PETER 1 and 2
Peter 1, the real name is "The First Letter of Peter"
Peter 2, the real name is "The Second Letter of Peter"

Peter was an Apostle of Jesus and knew him very well.
Peter 1 is about how to behave when people are mean to you.
Peter 2 is telling people not to teach wrong things and to always believe what God says.

JOHN 1, 2, and 3
John wrote "The Gospel According to John", which is his report of the life of Jesus.  John also wrote three letters. John is the only one who wrote a Gospel and also wrote letters to the church. We are glad John wrote these three letters, because there are many things in them which are important for us to know.

The full name of this book is "The Letter of Jude," which means the letter that Jude wrote to all the disciples of Jesus. It is not a very long letter, but it has many important lessons in it. Jude tells us that we should do as God wants.

This is the last book of the Bible. It was written by John.  Revelations is about Jesus being King of Heaven and earth.

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