God's Book
The Old Testament
God's book is the Bible.
The Bible has may interesting stories.
The Bible is divided into two parts.
The Old Testament and The New Testament.
The word testament means promise.
It's a promise from God to us.

Now lets learn to read the Bible.
The Old Testament has many parts.
These different parts are called "books".
Then the books are divided into "chapters".
Then the chapters are divided into "verses".

These are the different books of the Old Testament.
Some of them are sort of long so here are the abbreviations, too.

Gen           Genesis  Eccles    Ecclesiastes
Ex             Exodus Song Song of Solomon
Lev           Leviticus  Is                Isaiah
Num           Numbers Jer              Jeremiah
Deut    Deuteronomy Lam      Lamentations
Josh            Joshua Ezek           Ezekiel
Judg            Judges Dan            Daniel
Ruth           Ruth Hos            Hosea
1 Sam       1 Samuel Joel             Joel
2 Sam       2 Samuel Amos         Amos 
1 Kings      1 Kings Obad         Obadiah
2 Kings      2 Kings Jon             Jonah
1Chron  1Chronicles Mic            Micah
2Chron  2Chronicles Nahum       Nahum
Ezra           Ezra Hab           Habakkuk
Neh           Nehemiah Zeph          Zephaniab
Esther        Esther Hag           Haggai
Job            Job Zech          Zechariah
Ps              Psalms Mal            Malachi
Prov          Proverbs

The Bible is written by men.
God instructed the men what to write.
That means that the whole Bible is God's book.
Because it is God's Book we know it is true.

Below are some of the books of the Old Testament:

The name Genesis means "in the beginning." It tells of the creation of the earth and the sun and the moon, and all the other things that God made.

This is the second book of the Bible. The name Exodus means "going out." . It's about how God used Moses to lead Hebrews out of Egypt.

The third book of the Bible tells about the family of Levi.  It's called Leviticus because it tells about the way the family of Levi and the priests were to serve God. It also tells all the other Israelites how to serve God.

The fourth book of the Bible is called Numbers because it tells of the numbering, or counting, of the people of Israel.

This is the fifth book of the Bible. Its name means "giving the Law the second time."  Moses reminds the children of Israel about the Law which God had given to them, and how important it was for them to obey that Law.

This tells what Joshua did when he was the leader of the Israelites.

Before the Israelites had kings, God gave them judges.  This book tells of that period of time, 450 years,  when the Israelites were ruled by judges

A wonderful story of Ruth and how she trusted the Lord

SAMUEL 1 and 2
There are two books in the Bible named after Samuel the prophet. These books tell about the birth and life of Samuel.  Samuel was the prophet of God who chose Saul to be Israel's first king. He later appointed David king to take the place of Saul. These two books also tell the story of both Saul and David up to the time Saul died and David became the king in Israel.

KINGS 1and 2
These two books give the history of Israel during the time that kings reigned over them, beginning with King David, and ending with Zedekiah, their last king.

These two books contain stories of the Israelites that were not written in the first and second Books of Kings.

This book is named after the priest who served the Israelites during the time they were captives in Babylon.

Nehemiah wrote nearly all of this book. It is about Israel during and after the time they returned to Palestine following their captivity in Babylon.

This book records the experiences of Esther, a Jew, who became the wife of Ahasuerus, the king of Persia.

This book is the life's story of a very faithful servant of God.

The Book of Psalms contains the beautiful writings of King David and other servants of God. Psalms mean "hymns." David was a musician who played the harp, and he was also a poet. In the poetic Psalms which David wrote, he expresses his love for God, and thanks God for all the wonderful things He had done for him.

This is a book of wise sayings nearly all of which were written by King Solomon.

The name of this book means "the preacher." It contains many things which are good for all of us to follow.

This is another book of the Bible written by King Solomon. It is also called "The Song of Songs," or "Canticles" by some people. It is a story of love.

Written by the Prophet Isaiah.

Written by the prophet Jeremiah. God asked Jeremiah to write a great deal about the sins of the people of Israel, and also to warn them that they would be punished for their sins.

The word "Lamentations" means feeling very sad. This book was also written by the Prophet Jeremiah, and he tells of all the trouble the people of Israel had because they had not done what God wanted them to do.

Written by another of God's prophets, Ezekiel.

This book was written by the Prophet Daniel.

This book of the Bible is named after the Prophet Hosea.

Joel loved God, and did what God asked him to do. In this book, he tells the people about terrible wars which were coming, and that the nations would fight each other.

Amos was a prophet and God told him to write that a time would come when the Jewish people would be brought back to the Promised Land.

This book has only one chapter. It was written by God's prophet Obadiah

This Book of Jonah tells about his experiences when Jonah was afraid and didn't do as God asked of him

Micah was a prophet through whom God promised the people that a time will come when the nations of the earth will not fight each other any more.

Nahum was a prophet of God.

Habakkuk is a hard name to pronounce. He loved God, and wrote many wonderful things in this book.

In this book, the Prophet Zephaniah explains that a time is coming when everybody in the whole world will worship God and serve Him just the way He wants him to. At that time, there will be just one religion for everybody, and they will then know how good God really is.

Written by the prophet Haggai. God told him to write of a troubled time that was coming.

This book, named after the prophet who wrote it, tells a great deal about trouble that would come upon the Israelites.  It also tells about a happy time coming when the Israelites and all other nations, when they obey God, will be blessed.

This is the last book in the first part of the Bible, the part which is called the Old Testament. Like many of the other books of the Bible, it is named after the one who wrote it. Please remember this about all the books of the Bible. No matter who wrote them, God told them what to write

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