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Jesus Feeds Many People

The people followed Jesus where ever he went.

They wanted to hear him preach.  They wanted to see him heal people.

One time when Jesus was preaching, a whole bunch of people were

listening. The people listened so long they forgot to eat dinner.

A man came to Jesus and said, "Its time to eat. We don't have anything," he said.

" We can only find two fish and five loaves of bread."

"Bring them to me," Jesus said.

Jesus gave thanks for the food, broke it and gave it to some people to give out.

The people started giving out the food.

The more they gave the more they had.

There was more than enough for everyone.

Jesus fed 5000 people with only two fish and five loaves of bread!

What do you think?

Did you think Jesus could feed all those people?

Did you think that
Jesus could turn five loaves of bread and two fish into enough food?

Write to me and tell me what you think, BUT, ask your parents first.

Let's Pray:
Dear Father,
Thank you for the food we eat.
Help us to share what we have
and not be stingy.
This we ask through
Christ Our Lord.

Can you think of a better prayer?

This story can be found in
Matthew 14:13-21,
Mark 6:30-44,
Luke 9:10-17,
John 6:1-14
Write to me, please

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