Where is Jesus?

Jesus died Friday.

They took Jesus from the cross.

They wrapped his body in a clean cloth.

They put him in a tomb.

They rolled a heavy rock in the entrance.

Pontius Pilot ordered soldiers to guard the tomb.

Early Sunday morning some women went to the tomb.

They were surprised.

The heavy rock was moved away from the entrance.

They peeked inside.

Where was Jesus!

He was gone!

The clean cloth that had been used to wrap Jesus was all that was there.

It was neatly folded.

The women couldn't believe it.

They saw a man sitting there on the right side wearing a white robe.

He said, "Jesus is not here.  He has risen. Tell everyone the good news."

Isn't that amazing?

What do you think?

Were you sad when Jesus died?

Were you surprised that the rock was moved?

Were you surprised Jesus was gone?

Who do you think it was that told them that Jesus was gone?

Write and tell me what you think, BUT, ask your parents first.

Let's Pray:
Dear God,
Thank you for Jesus.
Thank you for sending him to earth.
By sending Him here, we know He understands us better.
By making Him a baby, then a man, we can understand Him better.
Thank you for letting Him rise again so we can be with Him someday.
This we ask through Christ our Lord.

Can you think of a better prayer?

This story can be found in
Matthew 27:57-66, 28:1-10
Mark 15:42-47, 16:1-8
Luke 23:50-56, 24:1-13
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