Jesus Stories
The Acts of the Apostles

The Beginning

Before Jesus Ascended, He reminded the apostles it was up to them to tell everyone about His death and resurrection.

Jesus said to them, "You have been baptized with water.  In a few days, you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit."

Jesus told them this on the Mount of Olives.

After Jesus Ascended to Heaven, the apostles went back to the upper room of the house where they were staying.

All of the apostles were there, Mary, the Mother of Jesus and several other people.

There were about 120 people there.

They were waiting for the Holy Spirit to come.

Peter said to them, "We must select a new apostle to take the place of Judas. He must have been with Jesus from the time He was baptized to His death."

They selected two men.

Then they prayed that Our Lord would select the one He felt would be the best.

Then they drew straws.

That's how Matthias became an apostle.

He joined the other 11 apostles.

There were 12 apostles again.

What do you think?

Do you think there needed to be another apostle?

Do you think that Peter did the right thing?

Do you think God selected Matthias?

Write to me and tell me what you think, BUT, ask your parents first.

Let's Pray:
Dear God,
Thank you for always being with me.
Thank you for helping me when I don't know what to do.
Help me to always remember that it is You who can help me all the time.
This I ask through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Can you think of a better prayer?

This story can be found in
Acts 1

Write to me, please.

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