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This is a page all about the stories of Jesus.  Like you, there seems to be times when I just don't understand.  I know how hard it is. I can't do a lot to help you understand some things but I am hoping that these stories help you to understand the New Testament.
The New Testament is the story of Jesus' life.  He did some awesome things and I would like to share a few of the stories with you.  If you would like to hear a story that isn't in here already, just write and ask me and I will be sure and put it in for you.

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1. An Angel Visits Mary 11. Jesus Heals Ten Men
2. Mary Visits Elizabeth 12. A Parade for Jesus
3. Jesus is Born 13. The Last Supper
4. Jesus Turns Water into Wine 14. Jesus Prays in the Garden
5. Jesus Calms the Storm 15. Jesus Enemies Came
6. Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Boy 16. What Peter Did
7. Jesus and Jairus' Daughter 17. The Trial
8. Jesus Feeds Many People 18. The Crucifixion
9. Jesus Walks on the Water 19. Where is Jesus?
10. The Blind Man 20. Jesus Returns


1.Too Busy to do the Right Thing 5. The Woman Who Had Faith
2. The Tax Collector 6. Where is Jesus Going?
3. Jesus Gets Baptized 7. Let the Children Come to Me
4. Lazarus 8. Young Jesus is Lost
Jesus CleanstheTemple

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Jesus Heals a Deaf Man

Of the Apostles

Acts of the Apostles is a record of what Jesus' apostles did after he ascended to heaven.  The apostles were alone and weren't sure what to do now that Jesus wasn't with them.  Jesus took care of that just like He always did.  Even when you can't see Jesus, He is always with you just like He was with the apostles.  Let's read a few stories from Acts.
1. The Beginning 6. Get Up, Aeneas!
2. Waiting For the Holy Spirit 7. Dorcas, the Seamstress
3. Don't be Lame Anymore 8. A Boy Saves Paul
4. Paul and Silas in Jail 9. Shipwrecked
5. Paul, How You Have Changed!

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