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Stations of the Cross for Kids E-book

Jesus died in Jerusalem.
Jesus walked from the court yard to Calvary Hill carrying His cross.
Calvary is where He was crucified.
The path he used is called Via Dolorosa, "the way of pain."

Since His death, people began to make visits to Jerusalem and walk in Jesus' footsteps.
The people would walk on that same path, Via Dolorosa that Jesus used.
They would stop along the way and would remember what happened to Jesus at the exact spot where they are standing.

Remember, Jesus was carrying His cross and the different things that happened to Him along the Via Dolorosa are called stations.
That's how we got the name Stations of the Cross

Now let's begin walking with Jesus along theVia Dolorosa in
Stations of the Cross

Before each Station, genuflect and say,

"We adore You , Jesus  because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world."
Station I
Jesus is Condemned to Death
Station 8
Jesus Speaks to the Women
Station 2
Jesus Bears His Cross
Station 9
Jesus Falls a Third Time
Station 3
Jesus Falls a First Time
Station 10
Jesus is Stripped of His Garments
Station 4
Jesus Meets His Mother
Station 11
Jesus is Nailed to The Cross
Station 5
Jesus is Helped by Simon
Station 12
Jesus Dies on the Cross
Station 6
Jesus and Veronica
Station 13
Jesus is Taken Down from The Cross
Station 7
Jesus Falls a Second Time
Station 14
Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

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