Jesus is Helped by Simon


They move forward towards the hill where the crucifixion is to take place. The soldiers realize the hill is steep enough that Jesus would not make it.

As they scanned the crowd, they spotted Simon of Cyrene to assist them

A Roman soldier pushes him towards Jesus telling him what he wanted done. Simon saw the pitiful sight of this condemned man.  Jesus was  bruised, bleeding with sweat and grime and Simon quickly picked up the cross. They moved uphill with Jesus following.

O Lord, You needed help in your final journey on earth. You found the grace and humility to accept the help. In doing so you honored the strengths, the gifts and the capability of those who helped.

O Lord who understands my weaknesses, give me the grace to accept the help of those around me.

Mary, my Mother, you were the first to live the way of the cross.  Obtain for me the grace to understand the mystery, wisdom and love of the cross.  Teach me the lessons it contains.  Grant for me the grace to see your Son in all.

Heavenly Father, whose blessed Son came not to be served but to serve: Bless all who follow in his steps. That with wisdom, patience, and courage, they may minister in his Name to the suffering, the friendless, and the needy; for the love of him who laid down his life for us, your Son our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

Holy God,
Holy Mighty One,
Holy Immortal One,
Have mercy on us.

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