Depend on God
                                             Theme: Trust God.  Do not Worry
We all worry.  We worry over school.  Remember that great big test on Friday.  We worry about doing our best when its our turn at bat.  Will I strikeout?  We all worry.

Jesus tells us not to worry.  Jesus tells us that God will take care of us.  Jesus tells us that God takes care of the birds.  They don't have to store food because God feeds them everyday.  Jesus tells us that God takes care of the lilies of the field.  Jesus says also that we are much more important than the birds and the lilies.  So why do we worry, we have God.  God loves us.

Jesus tells us that if we trust God, love God, and try to do His will at all times, that's all we need.  God will always take care of us.  God loves us.
Do you love God?
That makes Jesus very happy.

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