Treaures in Heaven
Theme: Heaven is everlasting. Things of the earth are temporary
Jesus told us not to store treasures on earth but to store treasures in heaven.  People often think that what they have, their possessions, makes them important.
Does he have the latest video game?  Does he have the neatest new pair of shoes?  How many Barbie dolls does she have?  Do I have more stuff than you have?
We think really neat stuff will make us happy.  We try to get more stuff.  The stuff that we wanted last year is broken or old and we don't want it anymore so we need more stuff to take its place.  Jesus calls this stuff our earthly treasures
Jesus tells us that the stuff we collect here on earth is not what is important.  Jesus tells us that the stuff we get here on earth will get old or broken or ruined.  The stuff we get here on earth is temporary.  It wont last.
Jesus tells that what is important is what treasures we have stored in heaven.  Those treasures are permanent.  Those treasures will always be there.  Those treasures cant ever be ruined.
Jesus tells us where our treasures are is where our hearts are
Where is your heart?  Is it with Jesus?  That makes Jesus very happy
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