The Salt and Light
                              Theme: Serve by example
A Preserving Affect
In the old days, when Jesus walked the earth, salt was very valuable. Salt not only adds flavoring, it preserved foods so the food lasted for weeks.  Remember, there were no refrigerators in the old days. So as you can see, salt was very valuable.
Salt is still important today.  We add it to our food for flavoring and we still preserve some food using salt.  Salt is important and very valuable.
When Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth, that makes us very important and very special.

We must preserve and flavor the earth.  How do we preserve and flavor the earth?  We flavor the earth by using God's Word.  We must learn about God so that we can tell others.  That is preserving the earth.  When salt loses its saltiness, it is no good anymore.  If we don't learn, we cant tell others.  If we cant tell others, we have lost our saltiness

 A Visible Affect
Visible means what we can see.
Salt is a hidden affect. That means what cant be seen.
Light is a visible affect. That means what can be seen.
Jesus tells us that we are not only to be only the salt of the earth but also the light of the world. He is telling us to make a visible effect on the world around us.  That means to have an affect that can be seen by everyone.
How do we do that?
We do it by living the way Jesus told us to live.  We need to be an example to everyone.  When we do something good, Jesus knows.  We have allowed our light to shine and that makes Jesus happy.
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