False Prophets
                                                                         Theme: Do God's will
Jesus tells us to be careful of false prophets.  What does that mean?
What Jesus means is to be careful of what the people of God are saying.  There are some people that do wrong things and bad things.  There are those that say they are people of God and they really aren't.  They aren't telling you the truth.  Those are the people that Jesus is talking about.

How do you know if they are people of God or not?
Jesus tells us the answer to that one, too.  Watch them and listen to them. The truth is written in the Bible for everyone to read. If they try to tell you things that aren't the truth, they are not real people of God.  They are "False prophets".

 If you aren't sure, ask God.  God will answer and He always tells the truth.  Remember, to always ask God.  That would make Jesus very happy

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