Love Your Enemies
                                         Theme: Be good to everyone
All of us want to be liked. We try to be nice to everyone.  Unfortunately it doesn't always work.  There will always be those certain few that don't like us.  We try as hard as we can to make them like us and it just wont work.  That can be very hurtful to us.

Who knows why they have chosen to be our enemy.  What do we do?  The first thing we try to do is to get back at them.  That doesn't work.  We know it doesn't work but we do it anyhow.  All that happens is that it makes the other person have more bad feelings and makes us feel worse than before.

Jesus said that there is a better way. Instead of getting even, you should love your enemy by doing good to him.  The love Jesus is talking about is a special kind of love. It is the love of God. You might call it "the God-kind of love." It is the love that we get from God and give out to the world. It is the love empowered by God. It is love in action. It is the love that wants the highest benefit to another. It is the love that shows itself by what we do. This is how we are to love our enemies.
If we love our enemies, that makes Jesus very happy

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