Narrow and the Wide Gates
                                         Theme: It isn't easy being nice but its right
What Jesus tells us here is so important.  God gave us a choice.  We can either be good or we can be bad.  We can be right or we can be wrong.  God isn't going to make us do anything.  That choice is up to each of us.  God tells us the right way but if we chose not to do it, that is our choice to make.

Jesus tells us that in our life here on earth we must use the narrow road for our life in heaven.  It is small and narrow and hard to find but Jesus asks us to look very hard for that gate.  The wide road is the road that leads to bad things, away from Jesus.  He told us that is the road that many choose.  I guess that might be because it's easier.
Wouldn't it be easier disobey your parents?
Wouldn't it be easier to do as you wanted?
Wouldn't it be easier to not be nice to people you don't like?
It might be easier but is it better?  Jesus tells us no, it isn't better.  Jesus tells us that we must do those things that are not easy, but that are right.  It isn't easy to be nice all the time, but it's the right thing to do.  It isn't easy to obey your parents all the time but it is the right thing to do.  Are you going to follow the narrow road with the small gate?  That would make Jesus very happy.

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