Teaching About Divorce
                                        Theme: Work it out. Not a disposable society

Divorce is when a man and woman that were married, don't want to be married anymore.  Divorce isn't an easy thing.  Divorce is a hard thing and makes people sad.  Divorce makes Jesus sad, too.
Divorce happens when a man and a woman make a mistake.  It doesn't mean that they aren't nice people, they just made a mistake.

Always remember to be sure before making a decision.
If you have a problem with your friend, work it out.
How do we work it out?
You can talk about it.
You will have to compromise.
Compromise means to give in a little more than you did before.
Don't leave the friendship just because you cant agree on one thing.  It takes work and compromise.

Remember, work it out and respect the other person.  That makes Jesus happy

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