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THOMAS More went to school in London. He served as a page for the Archbishop of Canterbury. Later, he studied law.
Thomas married, and he and his family lived happily, sharing with the poor. After the death of his wife, Thomas remarried for the sake of his four children.

King Henry VIII made him Chancellor of England, a position just under the king. Thomas enforced the laws of England and saw that the poor were protected against injustice.

Once while Thomas was hearing Mass, King Henry sent for him.
He did not leave until the Mass was finished, but sent this message,
"As soon as my audience with the King of Heaven is ended, I will at once obey the desire of my earthly king."

King Henry wanted a law passed making himself head of Church of England, because the Pope would not grant him a divorce from the Queen. When Thomas refused to consider such a law and resigned his position, he was arrested. At the trial false witnesses were called against him, and he was condemned to death. He prayed for the king before he was executed.

O God, You willed the witness of martyrdom should be finest expression of the Faith. Through the intercession of St. Thomas, grant that we confirm by the testimony of our lives that Faith which we professed with our tongues.

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