August 15                                                                                           Patron of:
                                                                                                            First Communicants
AT Rome, on the Appian Way, the pagans met Tarcisius, the acolyte, bearing the sacrament of the Body of Christ and asked what it was that he carried. When he refused to give up the Sacred Host, he was attacked for a long time with sticks and stones he died. When they turned over his body, the wicked men could find no trace of the Blessed Sacrament. He was buried with honor in the cemetery of St. Callistus. This happened in the third or fourth century.

Pope St. Damasus wrote a poem in the fourth century saying that Tarcisius, like another St. Stephen stoned by the Jews, suffered a violent death at the hands of a mob rather than give up
"the Divine Body of the Savior to raging dogs." For this reason Tarcisius is known as the boy martyr of the Holy Eucharist.

We should ask St. Tarsicius for a greater love of Jesus in Holy Communion.

God of power and mercy, through Your help, St. Tarcisius has overcome the tortures of his passion. Help us who celebrate his triumph to remain victorious over the wiles of our enemies..

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