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THOMAS, the Count of Aquino, in Italy, left the University of Naples to live with the Dominican priests. His two brothers brought him back and locked him in a castle for almost two years to keep him from returning to the monastery.
The Pope told his mother and his brothers not to stand in the way of his vocation. Thomas went back to the Dominicans, who sent him to study in France and Germany.
Thomas became a priest and a great teacher. He wrote many books about the teachings of the Catholic Church. Known for his great love of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, he wrote prayers and hymns which the Church uses today.
One time while Thomas was praying in front of a large crucifix, Jesus spoke to him: "Thomas, you have written well of Me. What do you wan in return?" Thomas answered, "Lord, I want nothing else but You.  He died at the age of forty-seven in 1274.

Father of wisdom, You inspired  St. Thomas Aquinas with an ardent desire for holiness and study of sacred doctrine. Help us, we pray, to understand what he taught and to imitate what he lived.

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