April 4

ISIDORE was born at Cartagena in Spain. His two brothers, Leander and Fulgentius, both bishops, and his sister Florentina, are saints. As a boy Isidore was discouraged because he failed in his studies, and he ran away from school. Later he decided to go back and try again. With the help of God, he became one of the most learned men of his time.
Isidore helped in converting the leader of the Arian party, and delivered Spain from this heresy. Following a call from God, he became a hermit even though his friends pleaded with him. After his brother's death he became the Archbishop of Seville. As a teacher, ruler, founder, and reformer, he labored not only in his own diocese, but throughout Spain, and even in foreign countries. He presided at the Fourth Council of Toledo.
Isidore wrote many books. He governed his diocese about thirty-seven years. He died in Seville on April 4, 636, and within sixteen years of his death was declared a Doctor of the Church.
O Lord, hear our prayers, which we offer on the feast of St. Isidore. May Your Church be instructed by his teaching and benefit by his intercession.

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