January 20                                                                                               Patron of:
                                                                                                                   Athletes and Soldiers
The Emperor made the Christians suffer very much. Sebastian helped them by visiting them in prison, bringing them money, clothing and food.

Once Sebastian healed a soldier's wife by making the Sign of the Cross over her. Both she and her husband asked to be baptized. He also converted a governor at Rome and many others.

Sebastian was accused of being a Christian and was to be put to death. He was tied, and soldiers shot arrows at him. That night a Christian woman, thinking he was dead, had some men bring the martyr to her home and prepare his body for burial. But Sebastian was still alive. She cared for him until he was well again.

Sebastian went back to see the Emperor and begged him to be kind to the Christians. But the Emperor ordered soldiers to kill Sebastian. After his death, the martyr appeared to a holy woman and told her where his body might be found. His body was then brought to the catacombs and buried there.


O Lord, grant us a spirit of strength. Taught by the glorious example of Your Martyr St. Sebastian, may we learn how to obey You rather than men.
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