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AMONG the boys whom St. John Bosco helped, there was one whom he loved very much-Dominic Savio. He even wrote the story of his life. Dominic was born in Riva, Italy, in 1842. When he was five old, he learned to serve Mass. At twelve he visited St. John and told him that he wanted to be a priest. They became good friends.  Dominic entered the Oratory school, which St. John Bosco started.
His schoolmates liked him because he was very kind and he studied hard and loved to pray. But his health was poor, after two years he had to return home.
Dominic always kept these rules, which he had written in a book on his First Communion Day:
1. I will go to Confession and to Communion often.
2. I will keep holy the Feast days.
3. Jesus Mary will he my best friends.
4. I will rather die than commit a sin.
When Dominic was dying, he said, "What beautiful things I see."  He was only fifteen years old.
Lord God, You alone are holy and no one is good without You. Through the intercession of St. Dominic help us to live in such a way that we may not be deprived of a share in Your glory.

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