August 23                                                                                               Patroness of :
                                                                                                                          South America
ROSE was born in Peru, South America. She was very obedient to her parents. She did all tasks very happily. She always tried to do little things that were pleasing to others.
Rose was very pretty. Her mother wanted her to wear beautiful clothes. But Rose would say, "Mother, only beauty of the soul is worthwhile."
A rich young man wanted to marry Rose. He offered her a large home and many servants, but she refused. She wanted only to love and serve God.
When her parents had lost their money, Rose went out every day to work, and at night did sewing, to help her parents.
Rose visited the homes of the poor and brought them food. She offered all her sufferings and good works to God for sinners. Our Lord often appeared to her like a little child to tell her how pleased He was with her kind deeds.
Rose died in 1617 when she was 31. She is the first saint of the Americas.
O God, You filled St. Rose with love for You and enabled her to leave the world and be free for You through the austerity of penance. Through her intercession, help us to follow her footsteps on earth and enjoy the torrent of Your delights in heaven.

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