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ROBERT was born in Italy in 1542. He began his novitiate in the Society of Jesus. He was in very poor health all his life.  After his ordination, Robert became the great defender of the Church against the followers of the Protestant Reformation. He loved to write and he wrote very well. He revised the Latin Bible and wrote the preface for it. He was made Rector of the Jesuit College, Provincial of his Order in Naples, and theologian to Clement VIII. He wrote two famous catechisms. The Pope nominated him a cardinal because he said "he had not his equal for learning."
Having been appointed Archbishop of Capua, he laid aside his books and began preaching to the people, teaching catechism to the children, visiting the sick, and helping the poor. But three years later Pope Paul V insisted on having Cardinal Bellarmine at his side. From then on he was head of the Vatican Library. As a member of almost every Congregation, he took an important part in the affairs of the pope. He died at the age of 79 in 1621.
O God, in order to defend the Faith You endowed St. Robert, Your Bishop, with wondrous erudition and virtues. Through his intercession, grant that Your people may ever rejoice in the integrity of that Faith.
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