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JOSEPH Sarto was the son of a poor village shoemaker and the oldest of eight children. Two priests of the parish helped him through school because he wanted to become a priest. He was very bright and a hard worker at the Padua seminary. After ordination he was made an assistant to the pastor in a small Italian town in the mountains. All the people loved him because he was kind. His soul was on fire with the love of God, especially when he preached about the Blessed Sacrament.
Later, when he became Bishop of Mantua, he said, "I shall spare myself neither care nor labor nor earnest prayers for the salvation of souls. My hope is in Christ."
Bishop Sarto was made a cardinal, and, when Pope Leo XIII died in 1903, he was elected Pope. His motto was: "To restore all things in Christ, so that Christ may be all in all." His teaching was: "Love God, and lead good Christian lives." He wanted this to come about through frequent Holy Communion. He died on August 20, 1914, with the words: "All things in Christ."
St. Pius X is called the Pope of the Blessed Sacrament.
O God, to preserve the Catholic Faith and renew all things in Christ, You filled Pope St. Pius with heavenly wisdom and apostolic fortitude. Grant that we may follow his direction and example and be rewarded with eternal life with You.

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