Peter Canisius

        December 21                                                                                       Patron of the Catholic Press

PETER was born in Holland on May 8, 1521. He attended a retreat given by Blessed Peter Faber, the first disciple of St. Ignatius and decided to become a Jesuit. He became known for his preaching and writing.  On day of his final vows, as he knelt in St. Peter's, Our Lord allowed him to see His Sacred Heart. From that time he never failed to make an offering of all his work to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Peter was sent to Germany where he tried to stop wrong teachings
He wrote a catechism which was translated into many languages. He started a lot of colleges. He also spoke to the Council Trent about the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.
Peter was the second great Apostle of Germany.
Peter died in Switzerland in 1597. Pope Pius XI canonized in 1925, and proclaimed him a Doctor of the Church. He was one the greatest opponents of the Reformation through his preaching a publication of books in defense of the Faith.

O God you endowed Your priest, St. Peter Canisius, with holiness and learning for the defense of the Church. Through his intercession, grant that those who seek the truth my joyfully find You and that the people of believers may ever persevere in bearing witness to You.

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