May 2                                                                                                Patron of:
                                                                                                                Cancer Patients

PEREGRINE was born in 1260 at Forli, Italy. He belonged to group of people that were against the pope. St. Philip Benizi was sent by the pope to preach peace at Forli. Peregrine hit him in the face, knocking him down. To this St. Philip just said to pray for the youth. This impressed Peregrine, and he begged forgiveness on his knees.
The Blessed Mother appeared to Peregrine and told him to go to Siena, where he was received into the Order of the Servants of Mary by St. Philip himself.

Peregrine was to have his foot cut off because of a spreading cancer. While spending the night before the operation in prayer, he fell asleep before the image of the crucified Savior. In a dream, Christ seemed to stretch out His Hand from the cross and touch his diseased foot. On awakening, he was completely cured.

For sixty-two years Peregrine lived a life of prayer and was a saintly priest. He died in 1345. He was chosen by the Church to be the patron of those suffering from running sores and cancer. Four hundred years after burial, the body of "the Cancer Saint" was found to be incorrupt.

O God, You gave to St. Peregrine an angel for his companion, the Mother of God for his teacher, and Jesus for the Physician of his illness. Grant us, through his prayers, a greater love for our holy Angel, the Blessed Virgin, and our Savior.

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