Saint                       Feast Day               Patron of:

Madeleine Sophie Baraj May 25 -

Margaret Alacoque October 17 Devotees of the Sacred Heart, loss of parents, polio patients 

Maria Goretti July 6 Children of Mary, girls, young people, loss of parents, rape victims

Maria Soledad Torres Acosta October 11 -

Mark the Evangelist April 25 Notaries, attorneys, barristers, captives

Martin of Tours November 11 Soldiers, cavalry, quartermasters, horse men, horses 

Matthew the Evangelist September 21 Bookeepers, accountants, bankers, customs officers, financial officers,  money managers, stock brokers, tax collectors

Mary Magdalen July 22 Penitent sinners, penitent women, contemplative life, contemplatives, hairdressers, hairstylist, people ridiculed for their piety, perfumers, reformed prostitutes, sexual temptation

Maximilian Kolbe August 14 Drug addiction, drug addicts, imprisoned people, political prisoners, prisoners, pro-life movement 
Nicholas December 6 Bakers, brewers, barrel makers, boatmen, dock workers, fishermen, mariners, unmarried girls, maidens, spinsters
Patrick March 17 Ireland, against snakes, fear of snakes, snake bites

Paul of the Cross October 19 -

Paul the Apostle June 29 Catholic Action, evangelists, authors, journalists

Peregrine May 2 Cancer Patients, AIDS sufferers

Peter Claver September 9 African Missions, African-Americans, slavery, race relations, inter-racial justice

Peter Canisius December 21 Catholic press, writers of catechisms

Peter the Apostle June 29 Universal Church

Philip and James May 3 St. Philip - Patron of Uruguay 
St. James - Patron of Hat-Makers

Philip Neri May 26 Rome

Padre Pio September 23 --
Pius X August 21 First communicants
Rita May 22 Impossible Cases, difficult marriages, abuse victims 

Robert Bellarmine September 17  Catechists, canon lawyers, canonists, catechists

Rose of Lima August 23 Latin America, florists, gardeners
Sebastian January 20 Athletes and Soldiers, archers

Stephen December 26 Stonemasons, masons

Tarcisius August 15 First Communicants, altar servers

Teresa of Avila October 15 Against Headaches, opposition of Church authorities, people in need of grace, people in religious orders, people ridiculed for their piety

Therese of the Child Jesus October 1 Foreign Missions, flower growers, florists

Thomas Aquinas January 28 Catholic  Schools, Catholic academies, Catholic universities, students, theologians, universities, scholars, schools, colleges

Thomas More June 22 Lawyers,  politicians, statesmen, court clerks, civil servants

Thomas the Apostle July 3 Architects, builders, construction workers, against doubt
Vincent de Paul September  27 Charitable Societies, charitable workers, Saint Vincent de Paul Societies

Vincent Ferrer April 5 Builders, construction workers, pavement workers, plumbers
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