October 11

SAINT Maria Soledad Torres Acosta, was born in Madrid, Spain, on December 2, 1826. In 1848, she was asked by Father Sanz to head a new Congregation of women devoted to Mary and dedicated to care for the sick, especially in their homes.
On August 15, 1851, Maria Soledad and six other young women began their religious life. In 1855 the community split into two groups. The half that remained with Mary Soledad became the foundation of the Handmaids of Mary Serving the Sick.
She gave proof of great charity, meekness, and humility, virtues which attract and win the sincere love and devotion of the Sisters and also of the people.
Always united to God, she did everything for His greater glory and relied entirely on His help. She suffered misunderstandings and persecutions in her life.
Maria Soledad died in Madrid, October 11, 1887, and was canonized by Paul VI on January 25, 1970. Today the number of her Religious is more than 2,500 spread throughout twenty countries of the world.

God our Father, You called St. Maria Soledad to seek Your Kingdom in this world by striving to live in perfect charity. With her prayers to give us courage, help us to move forward with joyful hearts in the way of love.

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