October 18                                                                                         Patron of:
                                                                                                                Painters and Physicians
LUKE was born at Antioch, Syria. He was a Greek by birth and a physician by profession. He was a good painter, leaving many pictures of Jesus and Mary.

Luke was one of the earliest converts to the Faith. Later he became the missionary companion of St. Paul on part of his second and third missionary journeys. He attended Paul during his imprisonment in Caesarea and Rome. Paul refers to him as "the most dear physician" and "a fellow-laborer." He sailed with Paul and Silas from Troas to Macedonia.  He stayed in Philippi for seven years, then he went to Rome. From Paul's Epistles we learn that Luke was his faithful companion to the end.

Luke is the author of the third Gospel, written before the year 63. He also wrote the Acts of the Apostles. His symbol is the ox, the animal of sacrifice, because he begins his Gospel with the history of Zachary the priest, offering sacrifice to God. He speaks of the priesthood of Christ. He also speaks about the wonderful works of God in beginning His Church, and about St. Paul's actions and miracles which he himself witnessed.

O God, You chose St. Luke to reveal in preaching and writing Your love for the poor. Grant that those who already glory in Your Name may persevere in one heart and one mind, and that all people may hear Your Good News of salvation.

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