December 13                                                                              Patron of:
                                                                                                             Eye Patients

AT an early age Lucy offered herself to God. The rich young man who wanted to marry her was so angry at her refusal that he accused her of being a Christian.
About the year 304, Lucy was led to the governor of her city for trial. Unable to make her give up her Faith, he asked, "Is this Holy Spirit in you?"
Lucy answered, "They whose hearts are pure are the temples of the Holy Spirit."
The governor spoke angrily, "But I will make you fall into sin, and the Holy Spirit will leave you."
She replied, "I will never sin, so that the Holy Spirit will give me a greater reward."
Nothing could make her commit sin.
She said, "You see now that I am the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that He protects me."
The governor ordered a fire to be lighted around her, but Lucy was not harmed. At last, a sword was thrust into her heart. She did not die until a priest came to her with Holy Communion.
St. Lucy is invoked by people who have trouble with their eyes.
O Lord, may the intercession of Your Virgin and Martyr St. Lucy, help us so that as we celebrate her heavenly birthday on earth, we may contemplate her triumph in heaven.

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