of Hungary
November 17                                                                                     Patroness of Hospitals
ELIZABETH was a princess of Hungary. At the age of thirteen she married Prince Louis. As her castle stood on a steep rock, she built a hospital at the foot of the mountain. There she fed the poor and the sick daily and attended to their needs. They loved her and called her "Dear St. Elizabeth."

When the ladies of the castle tried to keep her from going to help the poor, she said, "I am preparing for my judgment. I want to be able to say to Jesus: Jesus, when You were hungry, I gave You food to eat; when You had nothing to put on, I clothed You; when You were sick, I visited You, because You said that in doing these things for the poor, I did them for You. I beg you to be kind to me."
One day Elizabeth was carrying bread for the poor. Her husband met her, and looking under the mantle saw only roses.
After her husband's death, Elizabeth was left with four children. Giving her money to the poor, she worked to support her family.
Elizabeth died in 1302 at the age of twenty-four. Her last words were: "0 Mary, come to help me."

O God, You taught St. Elizabeth to recognize and serve Christ in the poor. Grant, through her intercession, that we may always lovingly serve the needy and the oppressed.

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