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IN his early childhood, John Nepomucene was cured of a disease through the prayers of his good parents. In thanksgiving, they consecrated him to the service of God.

After he was ordained, he was sent to a parish in the city of Prague. He became a great preacher, and thousands of those who listened to him changed their way of life.

Father John was invited to the court of Wenceslaus IV. He settled arguments and did many kind deeds for the needy people of the city.  He also became the queen's confessor. When the king was cruel the queen, Father John taught her to bear his cruelty patiently.

One day the king asked him to tell what the queen had said in confession.  When Father John refused, he was thrown into prison.  A second time, he was asked to reveal the queen's confession. "If you do not tell me," said the king, "you shall die. But if you obey my command, riches and honors will be yours." Again Father John refused. He was tortured. The king ordered him to be thrown into the river and there he died. Where he drowned, a strange brightness appeared upon the water. He is known as the "Martyr of the Confessional."

God, we praise You the grace You granted to St. John to offer his life in defense of the seal of confession.  Grant that, through his prayers, we use the Sacrament Penance often and with great profit.

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