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OUT of the twelve Apostles, Jesus chose three, Peter, James, and John, to he His most faithful companions.

John was the youngest of the twelve. He and his brother James had been followers of John the Baptist. But Jesus saw them one day helping their father mend fish nets. He called to them, "Come, follow Me!" And from that time on they stayed close to Him.

Jesus called them "sons of thunder" because they wished to call down fire on the town which would not receive their Master. Jesus was pleased to see them so zealous for His honor.

At the Last Supper, John rested his head on the shoulder of Jesus. He stayed with Jesus during His Passion and death.  Jesus gave His Mother to his care.

John preached in Palestine for many years. Later he was taken as a prisoner to Rome. He was thrown into a pot of boiling oil, but God kept him from harm. When he was ninety years old, he wrote his Gospel to prove that Jesus was God as well as man. His symbol is the eagle because he soars above the things of the earth and speaks of the divine nature of Jesus.

O God, through St. John the Apostle You willed to unlock to us the secrets of Your Word. Grant that what he has so excellently poured into our ears, we may properly understand.

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