July 26                                                                                                Patron of :
JOACHIM, husband of St. Anne and father of the Blessed Virgin Mary, belonged to the tribe of Juda and the House of David. He and his wife came from Galilee. They lived in Nazareth and there the Blessed Mother was born and raised.
Joachim was very sad because he and his wife did not have children. Both prayed earnestly for a child. Joachim even spent forty days and nights in the desert fasting and praying. An angel appeared to Anne and told her that she would become a mother. The angel also appeared to Joachim. He went to the temple rejoicing.
Joachim's greatest honor is the fact that he is the father of Mary, the Mother of God. A church was built in the fourth century on the site of the home of Joachim and Anne in Jerusalem, where they were buried.
O God of all Your saints, You willed St. Joachim to be father to the Mother of Your Son.  Grant that we who venerate him may evermore experience his patronage.

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