Saint:               Feast Day:                Patron Of:

Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows February 27 Clerics, students, young people

Gemma Galgani April 11 Pharmacists, apothecaries, druggists, loss of parents

George April 23 England and Boy Scouts, equestrians, horsemen, horses,  riders, saddle makers, saddlers, cavalry, soldiers, herpes, syphilis, lepers, leprosy, plague, skin diseases, skin rashes, Palestinian Christians

Gerard Majella October 16 Expectant Mothers, childbirth, children-, motherhood, mothers, pregnant women, pro-life movement, unborn children, falsely accused people, good confessions, lay brothers

Gertrude the Great November 16 Nuns

Gregory the Great September 3 Choir Boys and Singers, musicians, educators, students, teachers,  schoolchildren, gout, masons, Popes

Helen August 18 Converts, difficult marriages, divorced people, archeologists
Ignatius Loyola July 31 Retreats, Jesuits
Isadore of Seville April 4 Computers, computer technicians, computer users, the Internet
Isadore the Farmer May 15 Farmers, farm workers, field hands, agricultural workers, ranchers, livestock, for rain,  laborers
James the Greater July 25 Laborers, veterinarians, pilgrims
Jerome September 30 Librarians, libraries, Bible scholars, translators, archivists, students
Joachim July 26 Fathers, grandfathers
Joan of Arc May 30 France and Soldiers, captives, imprisoned people, prisoners, WACs, WAVES, opposition of Church authorities, people ridiculed for their piety, martyrs
John Baptist de la Salle April 7 Educators, school principals, teachers
John Berchmans November 26 Altar Boys, altar servers, young people 
John Mary Vianney August 4 Priests, confessors
John Nepomucene May 16 Confessors, good confession, silence, discretion, bridge builders, bridges, floods, against slander
John of God March 8 Booksellers and Heart Patients, publishers, printers, bookbinders, alcoholics, sick people, dying people
John the Baptist June 24 Baptism, converts, monastic life
John the Evangelist December 27 Asia Minor,  painters, art dealers, lithographers, engravers
Joseph March 19 Happy Death and of the Universal Church
Joseph Moscati November 16 Bachelors, people rejected by religious orders
Jude Thaddeus October 28 Desperate Cases, impossible cases
Laura Vicuna January 22  Abuse victims, Argentina, incest victims, loss of parents, martyrs

Lawrence August 10 Seminarians, deacons, vine growers, vintners, wine makers, comedians, comediennes, comics
Leo the Great November 10 -
Louise de Marillac March 15 Social workers, Vincentian Service Corps, people rejected by religious orders, sick people, widows
Lucy December 13 Eye Patients, blindness, eye problems, eye disease
Luke the Evangelist October 18  Painters and Physicians, surgeons, sculptors, stained glass workers, glass makers, glassworkers, unmarried men
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