September 29                                                                                     Patron of
                                                                                                  Communication Workers
ACCORDING to the Prophet Daniel, it was Gabriel the Archangel who announced to him the time of the coming of the Messiah.
He appeared to Zachary "standing on the right side of the altar of incense," as St. Luke says, to make known the future birth of John the Baptist.
Gabriel's greatest honor was to be sent to Mary at Nazareth and to ask to her if she wanted to be the Mother of God.
Gabriel's name means "the strength of God." He is used as a messenger in the work that shows the power and glory of God. Some of the Fathers of the Church say that he was with Jesus in His agony. He is the Angel of the Incarnation, of consolation, and of mercy.
 His picture is often seen, especially as he appeared to Our Lady.
Since Gabriel gave us the first words of the "Hail Mary," ask him to help you to say your rosary with true devotion.
O God, from the ranks of all the angels, You chose the Archangel Gabrielle to announce the mystery of Your Incarnation.  Grant that we, who honor Him on earth, may experience the effects of his patronage in heaven.

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