Francis de Sales
             January 24                                                                                 Patron of :

FRANCIS was born in a castle in France in 1567. When he was baptized, his mother said, "Now, my son, you are the friend of the angels, the brother of Jesus, the temple of the Holy Spirit, and a member of the Church. Now you must belong to God forever."
When Francis was nine years old, he received Holy Communion often. He said, "Jesus is the teacher of holiness. I go to Him because I want Him to teach me how to become a saint. Of what use to me is all I learn in school if I do not become holy?"
Francis became a lawyer. One day he heard a voice saying to him, "Leave all and follow Me." Obeying God's call, he said, "I want to go everywhere to look for the poor and the sinners so that I may win them for Jesus."
Francis became a priest and brought many back to God by his preaching and his kindness. Later he became the bishop of Geneva. He wrote many books, and that is the reason why he is honored as the patron of spiritual writers. Together with St. Jane Frances de Chantal he founded the Order of the Visitation. He died in 1622.


Father in heaven, You prompted St. Francis de Sales to become all things to all men for the salvation of men. May his example inspire us to dedicated love in the service of our brothers

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