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DOMINIC was born in Spain of a wealthy family. Some years after his ordination, the bishop took Dominic with him on a visit to southern France where a heresy, or doctrine opposed to the teachings of the Church, was being taught. Many people were leaving the Church to follow this false teaching. Dominic decided to remain in France and devote his life to preaching and to leading people back to the Faith. The dog carrying a torch represents the fire of his zeal for souls.

He went to Rome and told the Pope that he wanted to establish a religious order whose duties would be preaching and teaching. The new order was called the Order of Preachers, or the Dominicans.

Once when Dominic became discouraged with the slow progress of his work, Our Lady appeared to him with a beautiful wreath of roses. She asked him to say the rosary every day and to teach the people to say the rosary. Soon the heresy began to disappear.

Before his death in 1221, Dominic also founded an order of nuns to care for young girls.

O God, let St. Dominic help Your Church by his merits and teaching. May he who was an outstanding preacher of truth become a most generous intercessor for us.

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