September 27                                                                                          Patron of
                                                                                                                  Charitable Societies
VINCENT was born in France in 1581. When he was still a young priest, he was captured by Turkish pirates who sold him into slavery. For two years he had to work hard for the masters who bought him. He converted his last master and was then set free.

Vincent was sent to do parish work near Paris. He was a very great friend of the poor. He organized groups to look after the needy. The women nursed the sick and cooked meals for them. Men found jobs for the poor who were able to work, and gave food and clothes to those that could not work. Vincent also founded the Daughters of
Charity.  With the help of these Sisters he gathered money to clothe the poor and to nurse the sick. He built homes for the poor, sick, for the aged, and for abandoned children.
Vincent also founded the Congregation of the Mission, or Lazarists, a society of priests and missionaries.
He was almost eighty years old when he died in Paris, in 1660. His body was found to be incorrupt fifty years after his death.
St. Vincent is called the Apostle of Organized Charity. The St. Vincent de Paul Society continues his work for the poor.

O God, You gave St.Vincent de Paul apostolic virtues for the salvation of the poor and formation of the clergy.  Grant that, endowed with the same spirit, we may love what he loved and act according to his teaching

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