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CAMILLUS was born in Italy in 1550. In his youth he became a soldier and led a wayward life. He lost so much in gambling that he was forced to work as a laborer on a building belonging to the Capuchins, where he was converted. Three times he entered the Capuchin novitiate, but each time a wound in his leg forced him to leave. He went to Rome for medical treatment, and there took St. Philip Neri as his confessor.

Camillus entered the hospital for incurables; some time later he had charge of it. At the age of thirty-two, he began to study grammar with children. He was ordained a priest, and in 1586 his Congregation of the Servants of the Sick was approved by the Pope.

The Brothers served the sick not only in hospitals but also in their homes. They were inspired by the example of Camillus who, day and night, served the patients, consoled them, and prayed with them. He honored the sick as living images of Christ, and by serving them in this spirit he did penance for the sins of his youth. He received his inspiration and strength from the crucifix. He died in 1614.

O God, You adorned St. Camillus, Your Priest, with the singular grace of charity toward the sick. By his merits, pour forth the spirit of Your love into us, so that by serving You in our brothers here on earth we may safely come to You at the hour of death.

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