July 23                                                                                               Patroness of:
BRIDGET was born of a Swedish royal family in the year 1304. In obedience to her father, she was married to Prince Ulpho of Sweden, and became the mother of eight children, one of whom, Catherine, is honored as a saint.
In order to live an even holier life, she and her husband agreed to separate. He entered the Cistercian Order, and Bridget started the Order of St. Savior, or the Brigittines, in Sweden. She later made a pilgrimage to Rome and Palestine because she had a great love for the Passion of Christ. She encouraged the nuns in her convent to practice the same devotion.
Bridget was patient in bearing the sufferings of her illness for the love of Jesus on the Cross. Her son and daughter, Catherine, were with her in her last moments. She died in Rome in the year 1373.
St. Bridget teaches us to love Jesus Crucified. Thinking of His Passion and death will help us to understand still better the love of God for us, and the evil of mortal sin.

Lord God, You revealed heavenly secrets to St. Bridget as she meditated on the Passion of Your Son. Grant that we, Your servants, may attain the joyful contemplation of Your glory.

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