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BONIFACE was born in 680 in Devonshire, England. From the age of thirteen he was educated in the Benedictine monastery of Exeter, where he later became a monk.
He went to Rome to obtain the Pope's blessing on his mission to Germany. It was a slow and dangerous task. He destroyed the temples of idols and built churches instead. Once he cut down a huge oak that was dedicated to the god Jupiter, and then used the tree in building a church dedicated to St. Peter.
Boniface was sent to Rome where the pope made him a bishop. He returned to Germany. He started a number of dioceses. He corrected abuses and built churches.
Boniface was in Holland converting a tribe of people. While he was waiting to administer Confirmation to some newly baptized Christians, a troop of pagans arrived.  He said to his Christian friends, "My children, do not resist." The pagans killed Boniface and 52 Christians who were with him on June 5, 755.
O Lord, let St. Boniface intercede for us, that we may firmly adhere to the faith he taught, and for which he shed his blood, and fearlessly profess it in our works.

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